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Why I-Want-to-Go-to-This-College Essay

Im dropping out of college because of soaring costs and the sudden realization that college is nothing more than a business draining every student of money and time. The problem is that there are toooo many people going college. And unfortunately many of them will or already ending up debt. And one major problem I find with my classmates is that many DO NOT know what major they should pick, so they get stuck in the system, never getting out and feeding money to these “schools” and for what , a f…ing piece of paper???

College is honestly not for everyone. After 3 1/2 years I have learned more from myself than I have from any of the courses I have taken. Maybe I am just too self motivated to sit through the masses at college and I know that even if I dropout I am still miles ahead of my peers. The only thing that was keeping me in school was my parents forcing it upon me, but now that I have created my own business I am finally perusing my own dreams and doing things my own way. If you have a creative enough mind, and you know you are smart and feel “why am I wasting my time in college” research your other options and way to the choices before you make the decision. If you have 30k of debt built up, it isn’t wise to drop out only to work at a job paying 8$ an hour, you will be living in poverty and working off your loans the rest of your life. On the other hand, if you have a set list of skills, look to the market and find your true calling. Not everything requires a college degree and sometimes passion and drive is all a person needs to succeed in this crazy world. Don’t fall victim to the idea that you absolutely need college, although this philosophy should be applied to the majority, there still does indeed have to be a minority. If you have brains and can use them outside of college, just do it… it is as plain and simple as that.

i hate college i dont know why im even in college i should stop wasting my dads money goodbye

How to Write a Perfect “Why This College” Essay

What Colleges Get Out of Reading Your "Why This College" Essay

Reason 8 why one would dropout of a class in college.
another reason to dropout of English 1A the teacher emails bad messages to you about a essay paper, which your working on in the writing lab, after she gets too close to you in a group study part of the class, which makes you feel really uncomfortable, she may just want to help you but theirs this uncomfortable feeling about her when she gets to close to you in your class desk, she sits right in front of you, during what she calls group projects, and since in the high school special ed classes , they never normally make you go into groups, working on projects by yourself your normally better, at but of course that English 1A teacher non-DESP class, doesn’t get that, and emails you back , plus your in the process of moving at this time, and you may be thinking about how people behave in that TV show pretty little liars which you like, but have really nothing to do with her behavor, around you during her class group projects, where you get a group grade in class. you of course didn’t want to talk to the campus people about what was really going on which you feel is her reason for writting her very nasty email message about your essay 1 which you where in the process of working on in both writting labs, the DESP writting lab and the normal one, and since that was your last year their you didn’t want to talk about it with them.
well that sums up my real reason for dropping my first and last english 1A class.

I dropped out of college because I wasn’t happy with the institute that I joined. To begin with I was forced into pursuing Engineering, mainly because everyone in my family things that’s the only career option available in the world.
Ive been staying home for the past 6 months. Still quite uncertain on what I should do. Also, college was a huge financial burden on my mom, who is a single parent. I felt terribly guilty not being able to help her out.
My brother who is already working without a college degree makes decent money. He said that once I decide on what I want to pursue, he would fund for my education. (Education loans in my country come with a scary interest rate)
Its a scary phase, because Im aware what a college education can bring you. A good life, with a purpose and an aim. Working without a college degree can only take you to a certain level, after which you stagnate. My mother didnt have the privilege to go to college, and thats why she’s depressed that I dropped out.
I aim to join a course that both interests me and can take me places by June this year. For anyone else who has family or financial issues, find a way, make it through college. An education is vital for a bright future. If people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are your excuse for dropping out, ote that these people were geniuses with a set idea of what they wanted to achieve. If you arent there, you’re just being incredibly stupid. Something like business management, finance and marketing can land you a decent job.
Dont be lazy. Pick up a book and read it.

College and why do you wish to attend

Its not what you know, its who you can pay to get the shortcut. To quote Immortal Technique, “Only little people pay all those taxes and fees” If you work for money you are a little person. if you bitch and complain about the price of gas, you are a little person. The world is a college of corporations who are determined by the bylaws of BUSINESS by people who are BETTER THAN YOU because they don’t just inherit wealth. They ARE wealth. You will NEVER achieve what you think you can. Go try it. YOUR WORKING CLASS MONEY AIN’T FUCKNIG WITH ME.

How to Answer “Why This School?” on College …

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Why Do I Want to Attend College | Brand-New Custom …

Why Do I Want to Attend College

Maybe college is good for some fields, but in technology, it’s always behind. I recently visited the local university, and was DISGUSTED. They were still teaching students old tech from the early 80s!! That was before I was even born!!! Personally, I think that anyone in the tech industry should either get certified (whether it be Microsoft, Cisco, or CompTIA), or open their own business, which is what I was thinking of for a while, but I may go on to senior management (they like me that much!!!).

Why I Want To Attend College :: College Admission Essay

[…] get it. American education is in the shitter- and LSD can’t be our scapegoat this time. So why do so many college students pack up their desks and hit the […]

Why I Want To Attend College Length: 196 ..

I should know, I was given a job offer right after high school to work at a small tech corporation in Oregon. I declined and decided to go to the local university thinking I’d get a better job after school. WRONG! I was burned out after my first year and only kept going to get that stupid piece of paper. After getting my Associates, I eventually got the nerve to ask the company and they were DELIGHTED!
I was given the same opportunity, but at a cost because now I had student loans to pay off. I was also p*ssed because I had learned more during high school years from books and the Internet than my few years of college.

5 Steps to a Great “Why This College” Essay

In high school, it is easy to be a star – even at the best of best private schools. You are surrounded by people who WANT you to succeed. If you pay a modicum of attention in class and are reasonably intelligent, you can breeze through your coursework and make good grades. The standardized tests are easy, and they even give you classes to “coach” you toward a better score. You have guidance counselors, friends, parents, and teachers who you can lean on in picking your future college and career.

Free Essays on Why Do I Deserve This Scholarship - …

I’ve dropped out of a four year school and am currently attending a two year school and not doing so well. Having graduated high school with Physics, Astronomy, and three semesters of Calculus in the bag, I would say I have to strongly agree with the first three of these eleven reasons (the list at the top of the page, in case you’ve forgotten by now). I think college can become especially challenging for people who are as socially inept as I am, which is in turn compounded by the massive load of an overly ambitious course schedule. College can be extremely beneficial to job marketability, so I highly recommend attending and at least attempting a degree, but I also have to point out that it can become a very painful challenge for certain individuals and the amount of stress should not be made light of by those who have already conquered the system (I’m talking about you Corey, whose number 71 at this time).

Why You Should Be Accepted Into College Free Essays

1. College AIN’T like high school, nor should it be. You’re going to have to make new friends, or learn to get along as a loner. The major you pick, and the college you attend, are key. If you pick business, you are going to be FORCED to do a lot of teaming and networking. If you are in the liberal arts area, you are going to be forced to be a mirror of your professors’ social and political views if you want to “fit in”. If you want to go about your own business and be a loner type, you are probably better off in the sciences or a research oriented field like history. Choose wisely, and NEVER make your choice based on what your FRIENDS are doing. Why? Because you cannot count on them continuing in the program. As any grad will tell you, classmates come and go – continually.

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