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Dear CrossFit Affiliates and Trainers,

Today's article is for all the newly minted CrossFit coaches out there, eager to share their enthusiasm and passion for fitness with the world. I can't express how much happiness, fulfillment, and fun I've derived from coaching people over the last 10 or so years. On top of that, I've been able to create a career that allows me to spend time with people I care deeply about, doing the things I love, while making a comfortable, consistent living. Yet even after about a decade in the "industry," six years of running a CrossFit affiliate, thousands of coaching hours, and countless lessons learned in the process, I still consider myself a young coach with a lot left to learn—a disposition I hope to maintain for years to come. That being said, there are a few basic principles and challenges I'd like to offer up to anyone just starting their journey as a coach and student of fitness.

I believe a good coach earns the ability to teach movement—they don't presume it. I encourage you to start by developing a personal understanding and appreciation of the skills you're going to be teaching, and then slowly implement them into your coaching, both one-on-one and in group formats. It's totally okay not to be teaching everything under the CrossFit sun in the beginning. Start with what you know and then get really good at teaching the fundamentals. After you've got a handle on your personal pedagogy, you can start to layer on more advanced skills. Trust me, it is okay if your early programming is very basic. Your clients won't run away because they're not working snatch and muscle-up progressions immediately. Respect the process and take the long, worthwhile road to becoming an excellent coach.

Local CrossFit affiliate participates in worldwide fitness competition Sample Format.

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What would you do if you were a CrossFit affiliate owner? Tell us in the comment section below:

I am in the process of affiliating but put on hold because i will not be dictated how to run my business. we as trainers are all professionals and make descisions on how to run our businesses! i became excited due to the individuality of your own box but at the same time being part of an exciting family! we are tired of your normal boring franchised gyms and the future of fitness is in CROSSFIT! Why spoil this. i will definately unite with all the crossfitters around the world to do what we have to do. Russel you have all the support of the SOUTH AFRICANS!
By the way i have not studies a

I don’t understand the deal Anthos is trying to make. They can’t force Affiliate owners to continue being CrossFit Affiliates against their will. Since the community was built by one-off gyms, equipment and apparel companies it doesn’t matter what the community calls itself. I would buy a Life AsRx T-Shirt regardless of their affiliation to CrossFit and I will go to Roseville CrossFit if it changes its name to Roseville Fitness.

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What Anthos projections fail to account for is that you as Affiliates have 100% of the power in this situation. If they do win and take over CrossFit, every single one you (Affiliates) is free to tell them where to shove their ideas, de-affiliate, and keep doing what makes you great. If together we educate our community, share this information with others, and loudly voice our intent to Anthos to fight tooth and nail against everything they do, they will back down.

CrossFit Cerberus would de-affiliate. I stand behind Coach Glassman. f**k Anthos.

The question I have is would this take over mean that Crossfits would have a certain standard of service that they had to subscribe to as well (namely certain certifications, education, knowledge etc). As of right now the way Crossfit HQ does the affiliate program does not allow for consistency of product. There are good and bad ones and I would think Crossfit would want to take a bit more control of their brand. If Anthos is pushing for consistency then I see it as good.

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I have been thinking the same thing. Glassman has, unintentionally, shown the affilitates that they really don’t need the affiliation. Dropping saves you $3k/year, and saves you the embarassment that sometimes comes from being asociated with HQ and/or some of the other babysquatting/homeless mocking/etc. affiliates. Not much downside that I can see. Of course, this only applies to a gym that is established already. I can still see the value for a new gym just starting to get going as a CrossFit brand gym.

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Anthos, a private investment firm, is reportedly offering $20 million to a non-managing equity partner of CrossFit Inc. to take over the affiliate system.

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Of course being part of a large company with share holders, as with all stakeholders we can only hope when owners sell their shares they sell it to someone with a passion for the industry we have, this does not always happen. Most investors buying in will be doing so with big plans to make crossfit more profitable, now i dont know if they will force affiliates to sell only certain gear, but im sure affiliates will get a slice, i think you will make more money, question..any affiliates struggling out there, any of you like to make an extra Few kay a week? There is that thought, but i understand the fear being brought up, this would be like open heart surgery to get a nice balance or it could all screw up.

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I would explain everything to my members and stop my affiliation. I could care less if my cross fit is affiliated or not. The trainers are what counts. I only am concerned with how new trainers would receive training in the future.

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Jul 02, 2014 · Crossfit affiliate essay CLICK Literacy development through peer reviews in a freshman composition esl sample essays and esl example essay.

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PETN1.66 Crossfit will flip the middle finger to any person or entity beyond Greg and team who try to change the landscape of Crossfit. Divorce sucks…been there done that! However, the situation is not our problem nor will it become ours.

AFFILIATION ESSAY: Dear CrossFit,Hello, my name is Gary Sorrentino

In the spirit of CrossFit’s open source affiliate model, I'll be discussing our class management principles, continuing education programs, and the lessons my coaches and I have learned since starting CrossFit South Brooklyn.

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