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We mean the integrityof impression made by manifold natural objects.

The successionof native plants in the pastures and roadsides, which makes the silentclock by which time tells the summer hours, will make even the divisionsof the day sensible to a keen observer.

When a noble act is done, -- perchance in a sceneof great natural beauty; when Leonidas and his three hundred martyrs consumeone day in dying, and the sun and moon come each and look at them oncein the steep defile of Thermopylae; when Arnold Winkelried, in the highAlps, under the shadow of the avalanche, gathers in his side a sheaf ofAustrian spears to break the line for his comrades; are not these heroesentitled to add the beauty of the scene to the beauty of the deed?

A nobler want of man is servedby nature, namely, the love of Beauty.

It is the result or expression of nature, in miniature.

This essay will examine the degree to which nurture or nature influence early human development.

It is a natural consequence of this structure,that, so long as the active powers predominate over the reflective, weresist with indignation any hint that nature is more short-lived or mutablethan spirit.

Nevertheless, far different fromthe deaf and dumb nature around them, these all rest like fountain-pipeson the unfathomed sea of thought and virtue whereto they alone, of allorganizations, are the entrances.

Ridley is a journalist studying nature vs.

"The wise man,in doing one thing, does all; or, in the one thing he does rightly, hesees the likeness of all which is done rightly."Words and actions are not the attributesof brute nature.

But this beauty of Nature which is seenand felt as beauty, is the least part.

There seems to bea necessity in spirit to manifest itself in material forms; and day andnight, river and storm, beast and bird, acid and alkali, preexist in necessaryIdeas in the mind of God, and are what they are by virtue of precedingaffections, in the world of spirit.

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This great issue spoken of is the debate of nature vs.

The beauty of nature shinesin his own breast.

Hundreds of writers may be found in every long-civilizednation, who for a short time believe, and make others believe, that theysee and utter truths, who do not of themselves clothe one thought in itsnatural garment, but who feed unconsciously on the language created bythe primary writers of the country, those, namely, who hold primarily onnature.

The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship.

Man is conscious of a universal soul within or behindhis individual life, wherein, as in a firmament, the natures of Justice,Truth, Love, Freedom, arise and shine.

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"Material objects," said a French philosopher, "are necessarilykinds of scoriae of the substantial thoughts of the Creator, which mustalways preserve an exact relation to their first origin; in other words,visible nature must have a spiritual and moral side."This doctrine is abstruse, and though theimages of "garment," "scoriae," "mirror," &c., may stimulate the fancy,we must summon the aid of subtler and more vital expositors to make itplain.

Free Nature Nurture papers, essays, and research papers.

When looking at the factors that influence children’s behaviour is important to take into consideration the nature versus nurture debate, MacLeod-Brudenell (2008) informs the reader that the term “nurture-nature debate” is to indicate two different perspectives; some propose views that genetic inheritance also known as nature influence children more that contextual factors or nurture....

Nature VS nurture - Issues, perspectives and debates …

Our dealing with sensible objects is a constantexercise in the necessary lessons of difference, of likeness, of order,of being and seeming, of progressive arrangement; of ascent from particularto general; of combination to one end of manifold forces.

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(Aside: I remember in2000 hearing , the leader of the Viking missions to Mars, saying that hisjob as a spacecraft engineer was not to land on Mars, but to land onthe model of Mars provided by the geologists.) The problem is, if themodel does not emulate nature well, then the conclusions may bewrong.

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Second the algorithmic modeling culture (subscribed to by 2%of statisticians and many researchers in biology, artificialintelligence, and other fields that deal with complex phenomena),which holds that nature's black box cannot necessarily be described by a simplemodel.

The Nature and Origins of Oppression | Beyond …

nurture issue debates whether the behavioral make-up of a person is determined by what they inherit through genetics, nature, or the pool of the particular environment they are submerged in, nurture....

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