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Reasons why Corporal Punishment should be Banned

While the image of the high school principal patrolling the halls with paddle in hand is largely of the past, corporal punishment is still alive in 20 states, according to the Center for Effective Discipline, a group that tracks its use in schools around the country and advocates for its end. Most of those states are in the South, where paddling remains ingrained in the social and family fabric of some communities.

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Corporal punishment is legal in Kenya but only head teachers are allowed to beat pupils.

I'm all for corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment still stands as an everyday approach to ensuring discipline for the children.

In South Africa however, although corporal punishment has been outlawed since the drawing up of the South African Schools Act in 1996, there is evidence collected in recent years that revealing that the practice is still prevalent in local schools to this day....

In theory, rehabilitation works, unfortunately as there are objectors to punishment of the corporal kind as there are objectors to the practice of rehabilitation....

I can't comment on corporal punishment as administered in Kenya.

In the modern era, in public schools at any rate, corporal punishment is usually regarded as inappropriate for poor work or academic inadequacy as opposed to behavioral or "moral" lapses. A significant exception to this, particularly in Texas, is where sports coaches are empowered to spank athletes for failing grades, when lack of effort at school work can mean losing their hard-won place on the team.

These actions are considered corporal punishment, and can be defined numerous ways.

I personally believe that schools should not use corporal punishment, just as the mother in the article said, she would be sent to jail if she beat her son the way some southern schools still do. The teachers who act upon children in those ways would be locked up in an instant if any caring mother or father saw this happening. Its abuse.

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Corporal punishmentinflicts permanent psychological damageto a child.

Corporal punishment should be minimised but not eradicated.

We were wrong. It seems that came along instead. However, concern about corporal punishment does seem to be increasing slowly as more people become aware of the links between corporal punishment and youth rage, youth criminal acts, adult alcoholism and abuse of other drugs, adult clinical depression, adult clinical anxiety, etc.

Same goes for corporal punishment.

i strongly disagree with corporal punishment. i think that if children are hit or “corporaly punished” then they will most definetly grow up thinking the only way to pursuad people to their way of thinking is to hit them.

Spanking is one form of physical or corporal punishment (Epoch 1)....

Corporal punishment should be banned from any city sate. I believe this because when you hit kids they grow up two ways. One is that you can be crazy and hate your parents, another one is that you can grow trying to make mistake because of the fear of getting hit. I was never hit as a child and will not hit my child I think a time out or taking something away would work. Some parents just need to sit down with their kids.

Corporal punishment may do more harm than good.

I believe corporal punishment is wrong because if parents are not allowed to punish their own kids in that way then other people, specially people that are probably not related, shouldn’t be allowed to even touch the kids. Verbal Disciplines should be more than enough.

Essay On The Corporal Punishment In Schools

i think schools should be able to use corporal punishment. we would have less students suspended and RPCed.
we would have have stronger students and less cry babies

Corporal Punishment is just another form of ..

Is this question really being asked? Should teachers be able to beat students? I personally think that all punishment consequences should be left to the parent, and the parent only .Verbal discipline should be all that teachers, principle, and pretty much anyone that is not that child’s parent be allowed to do to reprimand the child. if a child can call child abuse on their parents for hitting them and the parents go to jail, why should teachers be allowed to do it and not have consequences. Corporal punishment should not be allowed back in the hands of teachers and administration.

Corporal Punishment should be banned | Essay Brokers

I think corporal punishment should be banned from every state. Students shouldn’t get hit at school when their parents don’t even hit them at home. I think teachers should just use verbal discipline on the students and just leave the rest to their parents.

Corporal Punishment Should Be Banned Essay - 559 …

no I dont think schools should use corporal punishment, kids need discipline not punishiment and many faculty and staff members in schools get this term confused, yes there are kids that get iss or oss more often then others but they just need more discipline, thats all.

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