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Against legalization of weed essays on leadership

This is a sample research Paper on Legalizing Marijuana. Custom research papers are Paper Masters specialty. Construct the following essay: Â What would be the impact on the (as a whole) if marijuana were to be legalized? Research paper must be forward-thinking and consider both the initial impact, and how the criminal justice system would look 5-10 years after legalization. The paper should not argue the relative merits of legalization, but focus instead on the administrative aspects of such, i.e. jails, prisons, enforcement, treatment referral, state/federal revenues etc. Examples from other countries that have legalized may be incorporated.

The primary purpose I advocate marijuana legalization it for its medicinal properties. However in this project, I will approach the topic from what I feel are the logical avenues of medicinal purposes, overcrowded prisons and wasted government money. In using logical correlation along with statistics, one can easily determine that, while alcohol was subsequently released from the constraints of prohibition, the war against illegal drug use in the nation has continued, although a review of the research would indicate that the drug problem has increased dramatically. Â In response, the last twenty years have been marked by a growing emphasis on stricter drug policies by the United States government and the criminal justice system to eliminate or at the very least minimize the epidemic of illegal drug use and trafficking in . On the other end of the spectrum, the effort to legalize drugs in America has also been proposed by some as a solution to the mounting social and political ills associated with drugs. Â

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Walter Simpson is a long time environmental educator and activist and professional energy conservationist. Walter and his wife Nan and family live in a super-insulated passive solar home with solar electric and hot water systems in Amherst, New York. Walter’s interest in the legalization of marijuana stems from his sense of fairness and justice, a strong belief in freedom and personal choice, a desire to see taxpayer money spent wisely and not wastefully, and from personal experience which has shown him how destructive policing, prosecuting, and punishing marijuana use can be.

It wasn't until 1914 that drug use was defined as a crime, under the Harrison Act. To get around states' rights issues, the act used a tax to regulate opium- and coca-derived drugs: it levied a tax on nonmedical uses of the drugs that was much higher than the cost of the drugs themselves, and punished anyone using the drugs without paying the tax. By 1937, 23 states had outlawed marijuana: some to stop former morphine addicts from taking up a new drug, and some as a backlash against newly arrived Mexican immigrants, some of whom brought the drug with them. Also in 1937, the Federal Government passed the Marihuana Tax Act, which made nonmedical use of marijuana illegal. Only the birdseed industry, which argued that hemp seeds gave birds' feathers a particularly shiny gloss, was exempted, and to this day birdseed producers are allowed to use imported hemp seeds treated so they don't sprout.

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The sea change in American attitudes toward pot came at the end of the 19th century, when between 2% and 5% of the U.S. population was unknowingly addicted to morphine, a popular secret ingredient in patent medicines with colorful names like "The People's Healing Liniment for Man or Beast" and "Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief." To prevent more of the country from being washed over with a morphine-induced golden relief, the government introduced the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, creating the Food and Drug Administration. While it didn't apply to marijuana and merely brought the distribution of opium and morphine under doctors' control, the regulation of chemical substances was a major shift in American drug policy.

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For years our government has been wasting billions of tax dollars on a bizarre propaganda scare campaign against marijuana, an enjoyable and relatively harmless drug. While smoking marijuana, like cigarettes, is not good for your lungs, an objective evaluation of the adverse health impacts of marijuana shows that pot is substantially less harmful than alcohol and tobacco – legal drugs many people enjoy whose dangers are well-established, substantial, and undeniable.

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By the late 18th century, early editions of American medical journals recommend hemp seeds and roots for the treatment of inflamed skin, incontinence and venereal disease. Irish doctor William O'Shaughnessy first popularized marijuana's medical use in England and America. As a physician with the British East India Company, he found marijuana eased the pain of rheumatism and was helpful against discomfort and nausea in cases of rabies, cholera and tetanus.

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The RCTCA’s purpose, as defined by advocates of legalization, is to regulate marijuana just as the government regulates alcohol. The law would allow anyone 21 years of age or older to possess, process, share, or transport up to one full ounce of marijuana “for personal consumption.” Individuals could possess an unlimited number of living and harvested marijuana plants on the premises where they were grown. Individual landowners or lawful occupants of private property could cultivate marijuana plants “for personal consumption” in an area of not more than 25 square feet per private residence or parcel.

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The RCTCA would legalize drug-related paraphernalia and tools and would license establishments for on-site smoking and other consumption of marijuana. Supporters have included some alcohol-like restrictions against, for example, smoking marijuana while operating a vehicle. Finally, the act authorizes the imposition and collection of taxes and fees associated with legalization of marijuana.

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A common argument for legalization is that smoking marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol and that prohibiting the use of marijuana is therefore no more justified than the prohibition of alcohol. As Jacob Sullum, author of , writes:

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Legalization advocates claim that marijuana and alcohol are mild intoxicants and so should be regulated similarly; but as the experience of nearly every culture, over the thousands of years of human history, demonstrates, alcohol is different. Nearly every culture has its own alcoholic preparations, and nearly all have successfully regulated alcohol consumption through cultural norms. The same cannot be said of marijuana. There are several possible explanations for alcohol’s unique status: For most people, it is not addictive; it is rarely consumed to the point of intoxication; low-level consumption is consistent with most manual and intellectual tasks; it has several positive health benefits; and it is formed by the fermentation of many common substances and easily metabolized by the body.

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In fact, compared to alcohol, marijuana is not safe. Long-term, moderate consumption of alcohol carries few health risks and even offers some significant benefits. For example, a glass of wine (or other alcoholic drink) with dinner actually improves health. Dozens of peer-reviewed medical studies suggest that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease, strokes, gallstones, diabetes, and death from a heart attack. According to the Mayo Clinic, among many others, moderate use of alcohol (defined as two drinks a day) “seems to offer some health benefits, particularly for the heart.” Countless articles in medical journals and other scientific literature confirm the positive health effects of moderate alcohol consumption.

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