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Sherwood Anderson Life and Influences

Although the New Korean Cinema dream team of director Kim Ji-woon and leading man Lee Byung-hun has already explored the theme of revenge with their 2005 collaboration A Bittersweet Life, they undoubtedly up the ante with the brutally realised retribution of I Saw the Devil. While the earlier film encouraged the audience to become swept up in the sheer excitement of a mob enforcer’s efforts to take out the employer who has ordered his execution, I Saw the Devil is a murkier affair in terms of moral engagement, with events taking place in a recognisable social reality rather than the occasionally exaggerated criminal underworld of A Bittersweet Life. Kim is a frequent genre-hopper whose past credits comprise the black comedy The Quiet Family (1998), the unsettling horror A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) and the action-packed western The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008), but his latest film takes tentative steps into Park Chan-wook territory with I Saw the Devil evoking a similarly unpredictable entanglement of physical and thematic excess as Park’s much-admired Vengeance trilogy (2002, 2003, 2005). However, Kim ultimately adheres to formula in order to achieve a cathartic conclusion with this palpable tension between the need to deliver a star-driven commercial thriller and a desire to engage in a deeper mode of inquiry making I Saw the Devil a strangely unsatisfying experience, despite the director’s typically stylish treatment of the material.

The strengths and weaknesses of I Saw the Devil are made equally apparent by its clearly defined three-act structure: in the first third, a young woman is murdered in the middle of nowhere by sadistic serial killer Hyung-chul (Choi Min-sik), who proceeds to dismember her body with the individual parts disposed of in the nearby river. The fiancé of the victim is Joon-yeon (Lee), a special agent who vows to track down the man responsible for his grief; Joon-yeon works his way through several suspects before realising that Hyung-chul is the guilty party, but after locating the murderer, Joon-yeon does not kill him or place him under arrest; instead, Joon-yeon knocks Hyung-Chul unconscious and force-feeds him a GPS tracking device, then allows him to recuperate and go about his business. The extended mid-section finds Hyung-chul trying to resume his murderous rampage, leading to uncomfortable encounters with potential victims in a doctor’s surgery and a remote house, only for Joon-yeon to intervene at the last possible moment; Joon-yeon keeps beating Hyung-chul within an inch of his life, then letting the killer recover in order to repeat the process, thereby inflicting a level of pain which will eventually equal his own sorrow. In the final third, Hyung-chul realises that he has a tracking device in his stomach and gets rid of it with the aid of some fast-acting laxatives, leading to a fairly conventional climax as the renegade special agent races to Seoul to save the lives of his extended family.

Despite the equal amount of happiness, the first one seems like more satisfactory life.

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Reflecting on major events of my life a pattern emerges defying relegation to mere chance....

I don't like to admit having lots of anxiety, since I try to live a stress-free life, but it's hard to accept that I'm not completely swept up in it given the current circumstances.

It evokes warm memories of the laughter and the happiness one feels when there's a local fiesta or gathering in a certain locality in the Philippines. . . . There are so many dances in the Philippines, each depicting a period in Philippine history (the native Philippine dances from the rural areas, dances from the Spanish era, dances with Muslim influences, etc.). Some of these are performed in the Louisiana area, depending upon the choreographer who can teach a group of people a certain dance.

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The Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz is another event that brings together the Filipino Catholic community in the greater New Orleans area. For the past 20 years, mass has been celebrated on the last Saturday of September to mark the Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz. The mass is held at the St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church in New Orleans East. As with Santacruzan, a family hosts the San Lorenzo Ruiz celebration. In 2008, the Camania family of New Orleans East served as the host family. The host and hostess are called the hermano and hermana (Spanish for "brother" and "sister"). During the mass, participants place before the altar objects reminiscent of the life of San Lorenzo Ruiz (who at this time remains the only canonized Filipino saint in the Roman Catholic Church). After the mass, the congregants retreat to the Fellowship Hall for a shared meal and, frequently, a program for the entertainment of the attendees. Folk dances, folk songs, and community line dancing are often included in these programs.

Taoism is one of the more influential religious practices of the Eastern culture and many view it as a way of life rather than a religion.

'The inclusive definition' covers all topics and subjects of a persons life including, not only, their belief in a deity but also their belief and belongingness to music, sport and any other interests the person may hold....

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Tinikling is one of the most popular dances because of the intricacies of the dance; also, the pandanggo sa ilaw where the performers dance holding glasses with lighted candles and sympatica with its playful mimicry of a lady trying to see who of her many suitors will win her heart. The bangko dance provides excitement, especially when there's danger that one of the dancers might make a wrong move and fall from the bangko. It is not unusual for the audience to cheer or to clap as an expression of the joy they feel whenever there's a gathering that brings them back to a life they have left behind.

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Dance was more a part of everyday Filipino life 50 years ago than it is today. In the 1970s, the nationwide movement toward cultural pride reinforced local Filipinos' determination to keep their heritage alive for younger members who were exposed to more outside influences than previous generations. According to Mrs. Alvarez, these efforts are being renewed in the 21st century:

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If you ask students currently in college to describe their experience, it may still be the best time of their life but it will likely also be described as stressful and filled with a variety of pressures.

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A series of Spanish-influenced courtship dances are named in honor of the literary character "Maria Clara," who embodies the virtue and nobility of the native Filipina woman. Maria Clara was the primary female character in Jose Rizal's 1887 Spanish-language novel, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), about Filipinos' struggle to throw off Spanish political oppression, which had an enormous effect on the political history of the Philippines. The rhythms and the woman's clothing show strong Spanish and Western influence, but the dances also utilize bamboo castanets and the abanico (Asian fan), and the men wear the traditional barong tagalog, an embroidered long-sleeve shirt made of pineapple fiber that is popular in the Philippines. Today, Louisiana Filipino men usually wear the barong tagalog, but may also wear tropical-weight short-sleeved embroidered shirts for this and other dances.

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The Pasion, an enduring Lenten ritual, is the singing, in Tagalog, of the Kasaysayan ng Pasiong Mahal ni Hesukristong Panginoon Natin (Account of the Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ).(2) The songbook is over 200 pages long, and the ritual song takes many hours to complete, sometimes it may be almost an entire 24-hour period and sometimes the song is sung to a faster tempo in order to be completed within a specific timeframe. The melody is not strictly set; it may be traditional but also may be altered to include modern tunes, and there is room for improvisation. The sung story begins with the Book of Genesis and includes the story of Noah, the birth of Mary, and the life of Jesus. However, accounts may include Old Testament figures such as Moses and David, and also stories important to Filipino legend such as St. Helen's search for the true cross. The story also includes moral lessons and recommendations for proper living.

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However, their penchant for negative reinforcement and their inability to show physical affection never impeded me on having a fulfilling and moderately successful life....

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