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Definition and EValuation of Holistic Grading

Holistic Nursing care
Order Description
Discuss the principles of holistic care and the four principles of the holistic caring process
Discuss the differences in patient needs when developing a holistic plan of care
Discuss the similarities and differences between complementary and alternative medicine and western medicine
Describe the role of nutrition, exercise, humor and music therapy in complementary and alternative medicine
Discuss three main barriers to changing our current healthcare system to a more integrative system of care
Create a short summary of the case file (age, sex, diagnosis)
Complete a comprehensive, review of needs or problems discovered, and provide rationales and interventions to address the needs
Discuss implementation and evaluation of complementary and alternative modalities within the plan of care
Write a short summary in 2–3 paragraphs about the highlights of what this course added to your professional practice and the way you will practice nursing in the future

This position led to the development of holistic scoring and other methods for evaluating performance assessments (Huot & Neal, 2006; Lane & Stone, 2006).

The role of automated writing evaluation holistic …

The role of automated writing evaluation holistic scores in the ..

Many think that holistic evaluation can be done more rapidly than analytic evaluation, and, therefore, is a handy tool for an overloaded teacher.

This practice recognizes the totality of the human being - the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, spirit, social/cultural, relationship, context, and environment".
At the end of this presentation, the OPD nurses will able to:

• Define holistic nursing assessment according to AHNA .

• State the aspects of holistic nursing assessment.

• Apply holistic nursing assessment in their clinical practice.

Outlines - Definition of holistic nursing.
- Components of Holistic caring process.
- Definition of Holistic assessment.
- Sources of Data.
- Data Collection Methods.
- Physical Assessment.

The advancement of automated writing evaluation ..

- Spiritual Assessment.
- Sociocultural Assessment
- Summary.
- References.
American Holistic Nurses’ Association, 1998 Holistic caring process:
- It is merely a tool, a framework for ordering, documenting, and discussing the nurse-person interaction.

- Nurses who adhere to the holistic caring process focus on the care of the whole unique person, respecting and advocating for the person's rights and choices.

Holistic Assessment In Nursing Free Essays

So, when might you use a holistic rubric? Holistic rubrics tend to be used when a quick or gross judgment needs to be made. If the assessment is a minor one, such as a brief homework assignment, it may be sufficient to apply a holistic judgment (e.g., check, check-plus, or no-check) to quickly review student work. But holistic rubrics can also be employed for more substantial assignments. On some tasks it is not easy to evaluate performance on one criterion independently of performance on a different criterion. For example, many writing rubrics () are holistic because it is not always easy to disentangle clarity from organization or content from presentation. So, some educators believe a holistic or global assessment of student performance better captures student ability on certain tasks. (Alternatively, if two criteria are nearly inseparable, the combination of the two can be treated as a single criterion in an analytic rubric.)

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A Five-Step Evaluation of a Holistic Essay ..

Holistic Evaluation Student Essays

Williamson, who doesn't go as far as Whithaus in supporting the use of automated evaluation, argued for a "productive alliance" between those in educational measurement and those invested in teaching writing (p.

Holistic evaluation student essays

Economic status:

Information about how the client is paying for medical care (including what kind of medical and hospitalization coverage the client has)

Home conditions:

Home safety measures and adjustments in physical facilities, activity intolerance, and activities of daily living.
Assessment and documentation are continuous within the nurse-person interaction because changes in one pattern always influence the other dimensions.

Communication barriers relative to language, culture, class, age, gender, education may impede holistic assessment.

Holistic Nursing Assessment by rose princess on Prezi

SUMMARY At the end we can conclude that Holistic nursing assessments are an excellent way to identify the true needs of a patient because they:
•Offer an opportunity for an individual to think about and have a say about what their care needs are and work in partnership with their health support team in making a plan to achieve realistic goals.
•It allows people to self care as far as possible - this gives control back to the individual and helps to raise confidence and self esteem.
- When used properly an holistic assessment focuses on the needs and wishes of the patient not what the health care team assumes the patient's needs are.
•It encourages consideration of the mind-body aspect of care and also the spiritual aspect.

Machine Learning for Holistic Evaluation of Scientific Essays

Carl Whithaus (2005) also acknowledged the role of automated scoring in large-scale testing and encouraged writing instructors not only to accept automated evaluation systems but also to integrate them (as well as other technologies) into their teaching (p.

Holistic vs. Analytic Scoring of Writing - Sunil Hazari

The research in this article is evaluated through comparing the programs to the actual outcome to access whether it was effective or not. The goals of the program are first identified and put down in the table, and then the outcomes are put on the adjacent side giving a clear evaluation of the extent to which the program has been effective through supporting it with statistical data. For instance, the “Working to Insure and Nature Girl’s Success” (WINGS) program whose aim is to use alternative probation measures such as home visitations and center based services to ensure that girls are able to complete their school and reduce the likelihood of indulging in criminal activities. The outcomes of this program are reduced cases of girls likely to drop out of school where it is stated that 70% are likely to attend school on a regular basis (Zahn, Day, Mihalic, & Tichavsky, 2009. pp 270). The results also look at the rate at which the girls who went under this program are likely to be suspended or expelled from school, to access the effectiveness of the program in keeping the girls at school. The girls who went through this program were compared with another group that did not to check the difference among them whether it is positive or negative to determine effectiveness. More still, the girls were assessed at different intervals after attending the program such as 6 and 12 months interval to be sure that the program had a long tern effect. the methodology involved a comparison group of girls for gender-specific programs such as the WINGS, and Holistic Enrichment for At-Risk Teens (HEART), with girls who attended these programs.

Professor Sunil Hazari holistic vs. Analytic scoring of writing

The traditional paradigm for teaching evolved in the context of industrialism and its requirements for discipline, rigidity and authoritarianism (1). Emphasis is placed on the mechanics of learning and the methods of teaching (2). Traditional teaching methods are justified by the behavioural sciences and based on the premise that learning is a matter of conditioning (3). In the traditional paradigm, the role of the teacher is to define the outcomes of learning and to decide how students should learn (4). Learning in terms of given outcomes and teachers' expectations requires the memorization of content and a passive learning process (5). Knowledge and understanding are evaluated and measured in terms of a standardized punishment/reward system of grades and grade averages (6). As a result, students' motivation for learning becomes dependent on the avoidance of failure and the rewards of success - they become dependent on 'extrinsic motivation' (7). With the political, economic and social changes of today, in traditional paradigm of teaching is a likely cause for declining educational standards and is being seriously questioned 9). There is a fundamental shift in the philosophical paradigm of education and a new paradigm is emerging. Instead of placing the emphasis on methods of teaching, the new paradigm emphasizes the process of learning (10). New information about the learning process which is based on the natural functioning of the brain is provided by recent findings in the neurosciences (11). The natural function of the brain is to search for meaning in experience (12). Therefore a process of learning which is based on the brain's natural function in the context of experience is experiential learning or meaningful learning (13). Known as 'brain-based' and 'wholistic' learning, meaningful learning is based on the optimal functioning of the whole brain (14). Brain-based wholistic learning involves those brain processes which are both conscious and unconscious (15). The unconscious aspect of learning is involved with the intrinsic motives for learning or 'intrinsic motivation' (16). Emphasis on the learner's intrinsic motivation is key to the new paradigm for teaching in which the teacher's function is to facilitate the learning process. Teaching methods are based on their compatibility with the wholistic functioning of the brain (17). Discourse of traditional educational theory and practice: with the discussion of education within the narrow scope of pragmatism, the theoretical aspects of education have been deemphasized.

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