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Billed as an intuitive resource for organization, teachers can enter grades easily and calculate grades based on their own unique formulas.

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Essay Grader comes with three banks of pre-written comments for a multitude of topics within the categories of praise, organization, content, mechanics, style, and documentation.

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Does grading assignments and tests for big classes make you stressed and tired.

Before applying the three categories for evaluation, think through what it is you want an assignment to accomplish. Grades should reflect the most significant strengths and weaknesses of an essay, so a teacher should carefully consider ahead of time what expectations he or she has for a paper and especially what he or she most wants students to do for a particular assignment. For example,

Why is grading often a challenge? Because grades are used as evaluations of student work, it’s important that grades accurately reflect the quality of student work and that student work is graded fairly. Grading with accuracy and fairness can take a lot of time, which is often in short supply for college instructors. Students who aren’t satisfied with their grades can sometimes protest their grades in ways that cause headaches for instructors. Also, some instructors find that their students’ focus or even their own focus on assigning numbers to student work gets in the way of promoting actual learning.

Guidelines for Grading An Essay

Given all that grades do and represent, it’s no surprise that they are a source of anxiety for students and that grading is often a stressful process for instructors.

Use these tips to help cut grading time for essays and writing assignments.

An essay rubric provides an objective way to complete and grade an essay, indicate what the essay should entail, and it shows how performance will be evaluated. Here are three criteria that an essay rubric can employ using a scoring scale ranging from very good (4 points) to poor (1 point).

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Teachers can use rubrics for grading at all academic levels. In addition to rubrics being used at the college level, teachers can devise a high school essay rubric or an elementary school rubric. Furthermore, teachers can incorporate rubrics for all types of essays, such as a rubric, a rubric, and a persuasive essay rubric. When using a four-point essay rubric, four points are scored when the essay is very well written, and a score of three shows that the essay is acceptable. Teacher’s who use a rubric can turn the points into a letter grade by assigning a letter grade to each set of point values. For instance, in the example below there are four criterions and each criterion is assigned a point value. The maximum number of points a student can achieve is sixteen. Here is an example of how the points can be turned into a grade.

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Students are also given grades as a means to assess their abilities and to provide an opportunity for self-improvement in the areas that have been graded unsatisfactory....

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There are many advantages for implementing an essay grading rubric. For example, an assessment criterion can be developed to assist students in completing the essay, and it will tell them exactly what the teacher will be grading them on. Moreover, an assessment rubric can help bridge the communication between teacher and student. It can aid the student in gaining a greater understanding of what is acceptable in the essay and what is unacceptable. Furthermore, essay rubrics clearly identify the levels of performance. For example, the rubric may have a category for very good, good, needs improvement, or poor. The score that is received in each category is used to determine the grade that the essay receives. If a teacher is unsure of how to construct an essay rubric, he or she should obtain a sample rubric.

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Grading student papers for a course in any discipline presents a series of challenges different from grading other kinds of assignments. Typically, a wide range of responses will be acceptable, and every paper (unless it is plagiarized) will have some merit. Consequently, grading essays demands a teacher’s close attention to insure that each paper is judged by the same standards. A method for evaluating essays that breaks the grading process into parts can help an instructor work more consistently and efficiently. By assessing papers based upon the three general categories of ideas, argument, and mechanics and style, categories easily adapted for each discipline and assignment, an instructor can more easily recognize and comment on an essay’s strengths and weaknesses and so face that daunting pile of twenty, forty, or even one hundred essays with less trepidation. Furthermore, if teachers make clear to students how this method works, fewer students will be confused about their grades or apt to charge that papers are graded in an arbitrary or purely subjective way.

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