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Revision:Law and morality essay plan | The Student Room

It is important, though, that, in some sense difficult for me to stateprecisely, the circumstances at issue were not purposely or negligentlycontrived to make bad laws or bad acts be necessary. For example,President Kennedy once said that when those in power make peaceful revolutionimpossible they make violent revolution inevitable. If so, it would bejust as wrong for those who want change to occur, to reject governmentproposals that would bring it about peacefully just so that violence becomesnecessary. If one knowingly and unnecessarily fosters bad circumstancesthat will make remedy for them have to be the best of a bunch of bad options,one cannot claim the high moral ground by then exercising that bad optionwhich is best under those circumstances. One should not have createdthe conditions or circumstances that required the bad remedy in the firstplace. ()

My dormitory in college had only one rule about noise, instead of theset of specific rules all the other dorms had. For example, we didnot have specific times set aside as "quiet hours" where radios orstereos could not be played. We simply were not supposed to disturb otherstudents in the dorm and prevent them from studying. If you inadvertentlydid, you were supposed to stop doing so when they informed you that youwere interrupting their studying. Any questionable disputes wouldbe decided by the RA's or by a tribunal. We had the quietest dorm on campuseven though we played our stereos and radios at all hours of the day andnight and had no specific restrictions. Everywhere else, people madeall the noise they could whenever it was permitted, and found every loopholethey could just to be disruptive. Our rule really was a moral principlerather than an objective legalistic prescription. It is not the kindof rule that a formal, legalistic society would have, but I think it isa better way to make a system work -- or could be with the right kindsof moral safeguards to prevent abuses of authority. ()

Laws are not right in and of themselves, and morals are not a matter of a majority's opinion....

An Essay about Law, Freedom, and Morality ..

Socrates-Law vs Morality The trial of Socrates suggests that there are three possible bases for an ethical obligation to obey the law.

An article published in Psychology Today argues that there are two main reasons for believing that moral bears the imprint of evolutionary history: nonhuman animals exhibit some aspects of human morality, and there is an impressive collection of theories explaining how standard, moral behavior has evolved.

Morality is what the society regard as right and wrong which is highly subjective, some legal philosophers believe that there is a certain moral standard which human laws must contain.

Relationship Between Morality And The Law - Law Teacher

Now, "more perfect", "justice", "common" (in the sense of distribution),"general welfare", and "blessings of liberty", as well as the forms andlimits of "liberty" itself, are moral concepts, as are the proper balanceamong them and the interpretation of "domestic tranquility" (in tryingto determine individual rights versus keeping social order, preventingcrime, and capturing and prosecuting criminals). Most of the major purposesof the Constitution are to help us be law-abiding so that we are a bettercountry, not just an orderly or merely obedient or efficient country. Hence,it would be remiss, and wrong, to make laws or to try to interpret lawsin court (written under the umbrella of the U.S. Constitution, and derivingtheir legal authority ultimately from it) without any regard to their moralmeaning, moral significance, or moral consequences insofar as these impactjustice, liberty, general welfare, the common defense, and domestic tranquility.

Moral philosophy, on the other hand, refers to values that determine the rightness or wrongness of an action (Bartels, 2008)....

You can’t help it. It comes from your religion. It is just like Islam, but instead of killing the infidels, you battle them morally and try to recreate them as you think they should be. Very arrogant.

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Law and Morality: the debate goes on - ICLR

Law and Morality: the debate goes on

FactF: A good man is a good man, and a bad man is a bad man, just as a good Hebrew is a good Hebrew and a bad one is a bad one. This is vice versa as well. You can go anywhere in the world and see people acting horribly to one another. This is not something new. The difference is the Hebrews shun, reject and denounce those among them who act out of line with the morals of their people. This is also true for many other peoples, the difference is that the Hebrew expects a permanent change before the individual can be respected as they once were in the community. Many other nations celebrate the sociopath and tolerate the liar and the psychopath and then wonder why things are going bad. As examples we have leaders of many of the arabic nations. Whos leaders lie, cheat, steal, starve their own people all the while touting their greatness. We see this same thing in North Korea. This is something that most often is abnormal in Jewish society.

Discuss the Relationship between law and morals. …

The salient paragraph of the Declaration of Independence is below. Init Jefferson powerfully makes the point essentially that although lawsdo not have to be moral, they cannot be so (collectively) immoral or so(collectively) bad that following them is worse than breaking them (or,in the case of the Declaration of Independence, breaking away from theauthority of those who would make them). The only problem with thefollowing is that Jefferson equates the morally right thing with that whichbrings about safety and happiness, which is essentially a Utilitarian viewof morality. As I point out in my "" utility is not the only moral consideration, though it isa prime consideration. Moreover, the Declaration of Independenceis about breaking off obedience from a bad government altogether, but Iwould hold that the argument applies just as well to retaining a governmentwhile disobeying a specific immoral law.

Discuss the Relationship between law and morals

This paper will be primarily about morality and U.S. law, although mostof the general principles will probably apply to other secular democraciesas well and many may even apply to some non-democratic forms of government.()

The relationship between law and morality is …

A saint is someone who lives a perfectly moral life according to a given ethical system, and “a necessary condition of moral sainthood would be that one’s life be dominated by a commitment to improving the welfare of others or of society as a whole” (Wolf).

Law and Morality by coffeekarma99 - Teaching Resources - …

Progress through the moral levels and stages is characterized by increasing differentiation and increasing integration, and hence is the same kind of progress that scientific theory represents." Quoted by Mr.

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