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[…] picked up. (She now has about 9,000 twitter followers.) In 2007, James adapted one of her articles, A Green Winter: Will Global Warming Be Good for Canada? into an animated short, which was shown at the country’s largest consumer show dedicated to […]

Franke James has a visual essay on how deep the impact of Global Warming will be for Canada, elaborating on a quote by Steven Levitt (author of ) about how “good” it could be. It captures both the frustration of having to deal with the nuisances of changing weather patterns and the disruption they cause to our little traditions; and to live in an apathetic society that will need a LOT MORE than a few warm days to react.

Simple Solutions to Global Warming Essay - 1560 Words

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Stopping Global Warming: Global Warming Solutions

Living in Northern BC now, I’m not so sure that warmer is better. At the moment I am in the Okanagan where we are having an ‘epic’ winter for snow and I am remembering how much a part of being Canadian the snow is. I even got out skiing for the first time in 15 years. So, I’m not keen to have it warm up… In the category of mixed blessings — Apparently snowmobiles produce about 200 times the pollutants that automobiles do, on a per unit basis.? Thus if we have a green winter we are actually reducing green house gas emissions by keeping snowmobiles from operating.

I loved the photographs. I wish I had photographed my spring flowers starting to bloom in January. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Global warming is here and the question is do we care enough to do anything about it? I’m not talking about the government: I’m talking about the individual. Choose not to drive. Walk and we’ll all be healthier for it. Joanne Mills

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Blogged: , and that led to a friendly conversation, and that led to … Franke James and her visual essay “A Green Winter: Will Global Warming be Good for Canada?” Her creation intimately brings in art, personal experience, and creativity to a complicated issue, helping to draw people in and relate to it. When many find it easy (or at least, less uncomfortable) to shy away from the complicated issues of global warming and how it will affect our environment and lives – and how we can affect global warming – Franke not only addresses, but embraces this complexity in a beautiful way.

Solution to global warming essay | Pretoria Boys High School

Thanks for the thought provoking essay. Global Warming has been with us for sometime now, and the more you can stimulate serious interest and concern through your work the better for us all.

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Even looking out the window right now, we are covered in snow. (Toronto weather :o)) I was used to choosing my seasons out here. Drive up to the mountains if I wanted winter, stay downtown if I wanted spring. (Maybe I am an unconscious product of Steven Levitt’s words? Choosing to live in BC because of the connection with nature and “balmy” weather out here which may have come as a result of changing climates, and poles shifting, global warming? Hmmm…was BC colder in the winter, even a short 50 years ago?)

Solution to global warming essay conclusion

Did you know that it has been so warm lately that settlements in Greenland that have been frozen for eight centuries are starting to be uncovered? Imagine if the warming gets worse. Will we be back in the cycle to 11th century weather? Global Warming is a very complex problem — but one solution is for the world community to lobby China and India to stop burning dirty coal, and emitting methane from rice paddies. Canada should raise the price of gas to $2.00 a litre and give a corresponding tax break to people who earn less than $30,000. If Canada follows the Kyoto Accord we’ll just be shipping jobs over to China — and they’ll have no problem burning more coal.

Solutions to global warming essay

If the Green Capitalist response to climate change will only add more fuel to the fire, and if government at a global scale is incapable of solving the problem, as I argue in previous articles , how would anarchists suggest we reorganize society in order to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to survive an already changed world?

Global Warming - Essays for Kids, Children and Students

Dignified living has replaced profit as the new social yardstick, but in a coup against all the engineers of social planning, everyone is allowed to make their own measurements, to determine for themselves how to achieve this. People have regained the ability to feed and house themselves, and individual communities have proven that they are the best situated to craft a mode of sustenance that is best adapted to local conditions and the varied changes brought about by global warming. In the end it’s a no-brainer. The one solution that all those who were profitting off of climate change would never discuss was the only one that had a hope of working.

Essay problem solution global warming

If temperatures rise in the middle of the predicted range, a third of all land-living
species will be threatened by 2050
. Some species are unable to adapt quickly
enough to the temperature change and habitats might not be available for them
to move into.

Up to a third of land-based species could face extinction by the middle of the century (RSPB).

Higher temperatures and reduced rainfall could mean the loss of large areas of the Brazilian and southern African rainforest.

Gigantic economic costs
The economic costs of global warming are doubling every decade (UN).

The cost of insured damage in a severe hurricane season in the USA could rise by three-quarters to £82billion ($ 150 billion), an increase equivalent to almost three Hurricane Andrews - the costliest single weather event recorded” (Association of British Insurers).

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For the longest time, people didn’t give credence to those who were warning about climate change, about ecological collapse, about other problems created by government and capitalism; those who were calling for radical solutions. In the end they saw that the best decision they ever made was to stop trusting those in power, those responsible for all these problems, and instead to trust themselves, and take a plunge.

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